Monday, June 6, 2011

Down by the river

Lets go Chicken get the donkey ready.

We went to the river and gathered this dry mud which Salah is going to mix with some glue like paint and paint the mud wall of the guest house. Or thats what he explained to me.

Load up and lets go home Samir (donkey).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest House

I know that many of you have heard me speak of the guest house that Salah is building. Well exciting news It almost looks like something now. I will post more pictures soon but this is a sneak peak of what the designs on the walls look like. Also my influence on the guest house. :) Today they are putting the electricy in the rooms. On Saturday Salah wil help the guy put in the tile in the last bathroom. We need to paint and install the windows and we will have two rooms. They bathrooms will still need a toilet and sink. We we hopping to have one room with the bathroom and room finished by the time we leave and the other will be finished off in a few months. Inshallah.


Salah has his interview for June 21 2011 for his Fiancee Visa.

What dose that mean. Well he has been busy requesting official documents, getting them translated, filling out other documents, putting together evidence of our relationship, and doing to the doctor. I have only been able to help with the evidence of support and follow him to the doctor and translation places.

It was so funny when he showed me his papers and how he had organized them, I was shocked. Its so in such a nice order. I made a big deal about it because I had not yet seen this serious side of Salah. Its normally me who dose these types of things.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The many steps to a VISA

New Excitement in Salah and my life is that the visa processes is moving along.
We got the second letter saying his petition was approved on April the 15th.
This means the papers were went to the National Visa Center. Which they
O.K. everything and send them on to Casablanca on April 28th. I emailed
Casablanca this morning and the emailed back later this afternoon saying
his interview will be June 21 and the paper work is on its way to him.

That is the shorten form of the visa journey so far. We are both Excited.
Im planning on leave Morocco for the states on June 28. Right now I am
hopping that Salah will soon follow. Then we will move to Il for me to go
to graduate school. It will all work out. INSHALLAH

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chinese Food

Salah's first time using chop sticks/eating chinese food.

Giving it the good old college try.

The Food. Who knew you could find this in Morocco. YUM

Before we say goodbye.

Hassan Tower

This is the Mausoleum for King Mohamed V. It was built between 1961-1971. The architect chosen to design the Mausoleum was Vietnamese Eric Vo Toan and had the building decorated in traditional Moroccan craft work, but if you look at the very top you can see a influence from the Romans though the stain glass windows.

This is the first time Salah has ever been to Hassan Tower. I was being his tour guide for the day. I must say its much easier with one person, then like the 14 to 16 I normally take.

This was built by Yacoub al-Mansour in 1195AD. He intended it to be the largest minaret in the world reaching 86 meters high but it was stopped in 1199AD at 44 meters high. Construction was stopped when he died.

I could give you more boring information but I wont. Enjoy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chella with Salah

These are pictures of Salah being a tourist in his own country. I gave him a full tour with history and important facts.
This is the main entrance to the Chella necropolis a Roman and Marinid Arabe who has several royal family tombs there.
This is a school which housed students wanting to learn the koran.
This pool would be filled with water and you would do your washings here before prayer.

You can see how beautiful and green the country side is. This area was used as a port town for the Roman and it was the farthest west they settled. 70% of the Roman Empires wheat came from this area.